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Aliens Do It Better - VICE

For decades men have been jerkin’ it to fantasies of alien female characters in TV shows and movies who are basically just hot human women wearing uncomfortable costumes or painted some ridiculous color. Transferring this idea into real life has remained in the realm of fantasy for guys without very accommodating girlfriends, but that will soon change when brothel owner Dennis Hof finally opens his “Alien Cathouse,” a sci-fi themed whorehouse just down the road from Area 51.

Its grand opening date is still to be determined, but when I called up Dennisâ€"whose infamous flagship brothel, the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, was the setting of HBO’s reality show Cathouseâ€"he was more than eager to talk about all the cosplay options he’s planning for his new venture, his personal alien fantasies, and what Carrie Fisher is like.

VICE: How did you come up with this alien whorehouse idea? 
Dennis Hof: I was in the Beverly Hills Hotel with Heidi Fleiss, the famed Hollywood madam, and a client came up to me and said, “Dennis, you know what I want? I want to see Cami Parker [a star of Cathouse] dressed up as Princess Leia.” And I said, “Well, Carrie Fisher is a good friend. Maybe we can get a costume.” We were just joking around, but when he walked away, Heidi said, “Dennis, open up an alien cathouse. There’s an old brothel up by Area 51, that would be perfect.” 

Have you ever fantasized about doing it with an alien lady? 
Oh yeah. I’ve always liked the Orion sex slaves from Star Trek. I’m over the Princess Leia thing now, though, because I know Carrie Fisher personally. Oh, and I’m starting to really like the Avatar girls, too.

Which characters have made it into the brothel lineup?
Well, we have a wardrobe room, where the girls can dress up in any costume the clients want. We’ve got characters from Avatar, Star Trek, Star Wars, and all of those kinds of things. We also bought a load of costumes for the guys, to complete the role-play aspect, if they want to get into that. They can be Captain Kirk, Han Solo, or Darth Vader. 

Are there themed rooms?
Absolutely. So far, we’ve got a Star Wars room, an Avatar room, and a Star Trek roomâ€"the big three. We also have one room completely devoted to Princess Leia, for any guy who’s ever had a sex fantasy about her. It’ll have all the memorabilia in there. We’re even going to have Carrie Fisher come down to the grand opening. No matter who you are, it’s more than likely you’ve had a fantasy about banging Princess Leia. Now is your time. You want to be Captain Kirk in a harem of alien sex slaves? Great. You want Princess Leia to blow you? Absolutely, no problem.

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Space invaders and ArtPrize aliens appear at Urban Institute for Contemporary ... - The Grand Rapids Press -

UICA'a Odd Ball 2012
Aliens, Elizabeth Dunnuck, Raven Jones, and Jennifer Dedeaux welcome guests to the 'Odd Ball' Tuesday evening at the UICA, where they displayed their ArtPrize 2012 exhibition. (Katy Batdorff | UICA'a Odd Ball 2012 gallery (13 photos)

GRAND RAPIDS, MI â€" Space invaders have arrived at ArtPrize.

The radical exhibition and lucrative art competition created by Rick DeVos, opens today, but visitors from another dimension, or at least a competing costume shop, arrived at Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts first.

Aliens illuminated by black light mixed and mingled with party goers in little black dresses for the “Odd Ball,” a gala to unveil UICA’s 2012 ArtPrize exhibition.

“Alien chic” was the theme for the Tuesday evening event, though many guests left their pointy ears and third eyes at home in favor of fabulous normalcy.

Tickets were a pricy $129 to $249, but more than 350 attended the benefit for the non-profit arts organization.

“You made it possible for us to be the leading contemporary arts organization in West Michigan,” said board president Kathryn Chaplow, welcoming guests.

Entertainment included “Wolf,” who played spacey music on his Theremin, and aerial artist Rachel Finan who performed on suspended silks.

Urban Institute for Contemporary Art, which moved into the Gallery on Fulton in 2011, opened its fourth and fifth floors to the public for the first time for the exhibition of 17 large-scale installations by 25 artists in all.

None were larger than Martijn van Wagtendonk’s “Song of Lift,” filling the two-story, future “black box” space with a 14-armed circular structure with a hundred winged objects gliding in space, automated and synchronized to the music of Henryk Gorecki’s “Symphony of Sorrowful Songs.”

The show titled “Somewhere Else” at UICA, one of ArtPrize’s seven Exhibition Centers, was organized to “transport viewers unexpectedly to other worlds.”

Art that vibrates, glows or makes demands on the viewer, such as “This Isn’t Much Unless You’re Here” by Dana Haugaard, becomes a sensory experience with a heightened self-awareness in a defined space.

Andres Keys Connell's “Somewhere,” an effigy set beneath the floor, suggests a medieval dungeon, only illuminated by LED lights.

ABCD 83, a team of Chicago artists, created “More or Less,” with found objects plus a video projected onto the installation, synced to a soundtrack.

ArtPrize 2012 opens today three weeks of exhibitions, performances, activities, educational programs, guest lectures and much more.

“For 19 days, we get to do something the rest of the nation doesn’t get to do,” said David Abbott, development and creative director for Gilda’s Laughfest, one of hundreds of thousands of visitors expected in Grand Rapids for the event.

“It’s so exciting,” he said.

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Eight Aliens Nabbed in Singida -

Singida â€" POLICE in Singida Region are holding eight Ethiopians for allegedly entering and living in the country illegally. Singida Regional Police Commander ACP Linus Sinzumwa, told the 'DAILY NEWS' that the illegal immigrants were nabbed over the weekend at Majengo area in the municipality.

ACP Sinzumwa explained that on the material day, police were tipped by a Good Samaritan that some foreigners were staying at a certain house in Majengo, Singida town."In response, policemen immediately raided the house and found the aliens hiding in the house," the RPC explained.

He said, during interrogating, the illegal immigrants revealed that they arrived in Singida via Arusha where each one of them found his own way on a separate day. ACP Sinzumwa said, the Ethiopians told the police that they had to make a stopover in Singida in order to wait for others before continuing with their journey to South Africa, for greener pastures.

The RPC said they were hunting for the owner of the house where the illegal immigrants were found hiding.He named those who were netted as Ayalewa Arghe (28), Sarambu Memu (20), Shehetu Alambu (35), Takere Tamo (20), Makura Masido (28), Habibi Umari (38), Getacho Rema (23) and Masala Yaiko (22).

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In search of extraterrestrial life - The Hindu

Malayali student accepted as research scientist at NASA in the U.S.

A boy from Kerala will soon be joining those elite scientists in their search for the existence of extraterrestrial life, working from his own workstation at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), U.S.

P.V. Arun is thrilled at being accepted as a research scientist at NASA as he spoke to The Hindu about his achievements on the sidelines of a felicitation programme organised by the Institute of Human Resources Development here on Tuesday. An alumnus of the College of Engineering, Poonjar, under the IHRD, he has secured admission to a research programme at the renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), U.S. He will be joining as a research scientist at the NASA to explore, in his own words “extraterrestrial elements with the use of remote sensing.”

“I am informed that I will be assigned to the study of Geo-intelligence framework for Astro biological research, a subject that I closely worked during my research proposals,” said Arun, an M.Tech. graduate from NIT, Bhopal.

For Arun, NASA was never part of his dream. What he had was a curious mind to learn anything and everything about artificial intelligence. All theses years the Internet was his window to the world of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence

“I was interested in computer science from my childhood days. In my college years, I felt that core engineering was not about learning the programming languages but in understanding the basics and brining out innovations. Thus I concentrated on research-oriented works and nothing interested me as much as artificial intelligence,” said Arun.

Though he was offered job opportunities by companies, including Infosys, he was determined not to join the bandwagon of information technology professionals. His family stood by him in his decision to reject job offers and he is thankful to his parents for letting him study even when the financial situation at home demanded otherwise.

Motivation also came from his teachers who encouraged him to go ahead with his ideas. He was also inspired by the former President and Indian Space Research Organisation scientist A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. “I had discussed with him some of the project ideas during my M.Tech. days and he was a source of inspiration. He helped me understand that science should be simplified enough for a layman to take interest,” said Arun.

Arun sees this journey as an opportunity to “gain as much knowledge and experience as possible” and plans to return home and work for the ISRO.

“Though India has much to progress in the field of artificial intelligence, the change is not far away. In seven to eight years, we will forge ahead in this area and I want to be a part of that growth,” Arun lists his future goals.

“One needs to identify his talent and skills and work towards exploring them,” he shares his success lessons.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Calif. illegal aliens ask for school records - GOPUSA

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Thousands of illegal immigrants have inundated the nation's second-largest school district with requests for copies of records that might qualify them for the Obama administration's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, the district said Monday.

Under the program, people who are 30 or younger will be allowed to stay in the United States and work for up to two years if they prove they've lived in this country continuously since June 2007.

Applications can be renewed every two years.

An estimated 200,000 current and former students in the Los Angeles Unified School District might be eligible for the federal program, said Lydia Ramos, a special assistant to Superintendent John Deasy.

"We looked at the birth years that this program covers and there were about 200,000 students that listed another country of origin," Ramos said. "We have probably the highest number of students who would be eligible for this."

The Board of Education last week ordered that all current requests be handled within 35 days and future ones within seven days.

"I feel like doors are opening up for me," said 17-year-old Bell High School senior Saul Berrera, who was 10 when his mother brought him to the United States from El Salvador.

The school district already had a backlog of at least 2,300 requests for transcripts or diplomas before Aug. 15, the first day applicants for the Obama program could submit forms to the federal government, the Los Angeles Times ( reported.

"We are being inundated," Bell High School Principal Rafael Balderas said, adding his school was two weeks behind in providing documents. The school received about 200 requests for transcripts last year, but that total had been exceeded by July.

District officials notified schools on Friday that applicants can make requests online or fill out forms at schools for forwarding to the district's central office.

"We're doing this to relieve individual school sites from having to complete these when they already have reduced resources," Ramos said.

Records will be provided for free or at nominal cost. The federal government charges applicants $465 for each deferred action request.

Officials say there's a sense of urgency among applicants who worry about their window closing should Obama fail to win re-election in November.

"There are political considerations for some families," Ramos said.

The financially strapped school district expects to spend at least $200,000 in staff costs as well as an undetermined amount of overtime for employees who have worked to improve the records request system.

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Extraterrestrial diamonds from Yakutia to kick off global industrial revolution - Pravda

Extraterrestrial diamonds from Yakutia to kick off global industrial revolution. 48013.jpeg

The decision to develop the deposit of extraterrestrial diamonds on the border of Yakutia Republic and the Krasnoyarsk region of Russia will not affect the diamond market, newspaper Vzglyad wrote. The director of the Institute of Geology and Mineralogy named after Sobolev, Nikolai Pokhilenko, said that the diamonds "can make a revolution in instrumental, stone-cutting and drilling industries, but they can not change the diamond market drastically, because they have nothing to do with jewelry diamonds."

The deposits of super solid diamond - impactites - were discovered in the Popigai Basin by Soviet geological expedition in the mid-1960s. The scientists determined that the deposit appeared about 35 million years ago, after an asteroid, about seven kilometers in diameter, rammed into Earth. According to, Soviet specialists were busy with producing synthetic diamonds during the 1960s, so the studies of impactites were stopped, the information about their deposit was classified.

In late 1970s, it became known that the abrasive qualities of Popigai diamonds were significantly higher than that of synthetic and natural stones. About three years ago, Russian experts together with their Ukrainian colleagues conducted a series of experiments to study the properties of these minerals. It turned out that impactites differed from conventional diamonds considerably. Moreover, diamonds with such properties have never been found anywhere else in the world. Therefore, experts believe that the Popigai diamonds are of extraterrestrial origin. Nikolai Pokhilenko said that the mineral originated from graphite as a result of a meteorite impact, when pressure reached 1.5 million atmospheres and temperature went up to 3,000 degrees Centigrade.

It is expected that the Russian impactites will kick off a revolution in the industry, reports NTV. "They can replace synthetic diamonds in some areas, for example in the jewelry industry, in the production of turbines and precise parts for aircraft, in precise engineering, in the production of composite materials, such as wear-resistant bearings," the academician said.

For the time being, there were two deposits of impact diamonds discovered - "Udarnoye" and "Skalnoye" deposits. The reserves of these two deposits are estimated at 147 billion carats. The market price of the new material may reach 2-2.5 dollars per carat.

A new scientific mission to Popigai Basin is planned to take place soon to explore the deposit further.

Looking for Extraterrestrial Life in an Extraordinary Vehicle - MotorTrend Magazine

Our story begins in Roswell at the International UFO Museum, Research Center, and Gift Emporium. The Museum houses the compendium of human knowledge relating to the incident that happened during a thunderstorm one night in July 1947. Newspaper clippings, documents, photographs, and artistic renderings line the walls of this theater turned intergalactic shrine.

The story of the crash, discovery, and cover-up unfolds before visitors' eyes -- as long as they're walking counter-clockwise through the museum. A clockwise stroll might lead one to think our government started a PR campaign to raise awareness about a group of sick aliens trying to fly home in a shiny balloon before realizing they needed a spaceship.

A half-hour later and 500 bucks lighter, we head east on State Route 246 in search of a dirt road marked with only a mailbox. The Long-Hauler is comfortable and easy to drive on twisting country roads, but could use more space between its tires and the lane markers.

We use the truck's navigation to figure out exactly where we are, but if there really is a place called nowhere, we're in the middle of it. As a storm begins to roll in, we decide it's time to take our photos and get out. We pick a random spot, a gully bisected by a dirt road. As we start milling around to get the shots, we realize we're standing in a crater.

Glowing from our discovery, we drive four hours into Albuquerque. Our fuel gauges, one in the dash for the stock tank and a digital readout in the console bin for each auxiliary tank, barely show any sign of movement. We stop at a gas station, but it's for us and not the truck.

After breakfast, we head down Interstate 25 to Socorro, NM. By this point, we've made ourselves at home in the Mega Cab. The two front seats are obviously all about piloting and navigation. Although this is basically the interior from a Laramie Longhorn, it seems different. The leather is nicer and the cabin feels more spacious. Both front seats are heated and cooled. They're firm and supportive for hours of comfort. The rear seats are turned into a mobile office and pantry. Four outlets, 2 AC and 2 DC, power our electronics, while the center-mounted fridge is ideal for refreshments. There are even fold-out tables for working and eating.

After seeing such a giant manmade object, our next stop is equally as impressive, although not made by humans. It's a hole in the Arizona desert, made when a meteorite impacted the earth at 26,000 mph. The crater is nearly a mile across and 550 feet deep.

Besides several observation spots around the crater, the visitor's center offers an area to check out the landscape in the opposite direction, including the parking lot. We can't help but notice people below checking out the truck. They do a quick double-take and then slowly approach it to take in the scale. Once the initial shock of the size wears off, bystanders look more closely at details like the aluminum 19.5-inch wheels, push bar, and, if they're tall enough, the vented hood.